Nikki Jacquin

Artists Statement

“At my core, I am an explorer at heart. I have difficulty sitting still. A Guest Artist in Residency for three years at Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan, was in many ways, the
ideal occupation for me. During six weeks in each of the three years, I was paid to hike and paint the park as well as teach art classes to visitors. I’ve never felt freer than when I hiked the West Block alone. I will be returning this July for the 5th year.

My portrait business of 25 years has evolved into being an en Plein air painting instructor/tour guide. I traveled with two groups to France and two groups to Cuba, where we connected culturally with the locals and painted en Plein air.

During this recent pandemic, we have all had to suffer various losses. Many in lasting and profound ways. I definitely had my wings clipped.

I sought out my travel photos and memories for solace. My paintings in this show are inspired by my travels and my hope is that we may all see our old lives return soon.”

A mother of four and a grandmother of five, Nikki’s artistic training followed the traditional mentorship path. She attended workshops offered through professional associations like CARFAC and the Art Gallery of Regina. She was honored to participate in a year-long CARFAC Mentorship Program with Iris Hauser funded by Saskatchewan Arts.

Nikki’s early works focused on family and the wonder of early childhood. Her full-time art practice started in 1995 under the name of Nikki’s Portraits of Childhood. She has created commissioned portraits for families across North America.

The highlight in Nikki’s career was speaking at Art Now 2019 on ‘Travel with Cultural Connections’ featuring her international painting tours with her art students to France, Cuba, and Cypress Hills.

Between 2011 – 2013, Nikki was a compensated Guest Artist in Residence in Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan. As Artist in Residence, Nikki was responsible for six weeks each year to hike, paint the trails, and lead art classes for visitors to the park. This experience influenced her business and painting direction and she began painting the landscape she loves both on canvas and on copper plate.

Nikki is currently a member of the Regina Art Collective which displays at The Lobby Gallery located in the Regina Performing Arts Centre. You can view and purchase her artwork on her website.