Brenda Cardiff

“I have always been drawn to the outdoors and nature. It’s my happy place. Over the years the creative process of my imagery has evolved into a storytelling journey of our rural history. The prairie landscape is dotted with old yards and buildings, rich with stories waiting to be told. It is the perfect environment for this kind of exploration. I try and utilize camera perspective, natural light occurrence, and nature’s own elements to add another dimension to these already beautiful old structures. During the blustery winter months, I am often exploring other artistic mediums.”

Brenda Cardiff is a landscape photographer from Saskatchewan. The wide-open skies, backroads, and untamed parts of the prairies are where Brenda, along with her camera are the happiest.

The historic structures and the stories hidden in the decayed remains of old barns, houses and buildings fuel her artistic passion.

Brenda’s appreciation of this rural history, and a desire to learn the long-forgotten past are reflected in her works. 

Her work can be seen at The Lobby Gallery in the Performing Arts Centre in Regina.

She lives on a farm near Govan, Saskatchewan.