Jeffrey Taylor

Jeffrey Taylor examines the connections between found, reclaimed, and
imported materials. Jeffrey is interested in the combination and examination of
materials around him. Wood, which seems part of the natural landscape but is
actually a non-native species, cast-off antlers of deer, the bones of cattle brought
by settlers, and, clay that is sourced regionally, produce vessels that have roots in
distant cultures. Taylor’s explorations involve the use of ceramic, antlers, metal,
plastic, stone, wood, glass, and other media, in the creation of one-of-a-kind
teapots, vases and urns.

Highlights in his creative practice include; Saskatchewan Arts displaying his ‘Antler Vase’ in
the rotunda of the provincial legislature building, a commissioned baptismal font
installed at Luther College in Regina, Saskatchewan, inclusion in 2019’s
Saskatchewan Craft Council touring exhibition ‘Dimensions’ and the purchase of a vase for the provincial permanent collection by Saskatchewan Arts.

Both Jeffrey’s studio and home are located inside a 1928 schoolhouse in the
village of Duval, Saskatchewan. Visit Jeffrey’s website to learn more about his work. Jeffrey’s pieces are available for purchase online and in-person when visiting his studio.