Dave Gejdos

Dave Gejdos started creating art early at the age of 5. He joined alongside and was taught by his father (also an artist) learning perspective, mixing paints and sketching. In grade school, he discovered sculpting with clay but continued sketching anything and everything.
As a teenager, he became fascinated with falconry and began raising his own falcons which he then transformed into sculptures. This led him to continue creating sculptures of all kinds of subjects including birds, wildlife and the human form.

Dave’s commissioned sculptures at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, ‘Human Factor Exhibit’ (on permanent display for 20 yrs.), gave him the freedom to experiment with a wide variety of mediums.
Working for Regina Visual Display in the ’80s allowed him to experiment with presenting a wide variety of themes. Through some interesting projects, Dave has created an 8-foot cowboy boot, oversized Charles Dickens Carolers, dinosaurs, and super-heroes. Dave has displayed great diversity as a sculptural artist.

His art career took off when he entered numerous art competitions in Canada and the USA. He has received many awards including blue ribbon wins from Calgary, Ocean City, Maryland (Ward World Championships), New Orleans and Winnipeg. Dave’s discerning eye has been called to judge in wildlife art shows in Calgary, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Winnipeg and Saskatoon. He has facilitated painting and sculpting workshops across western Canada.

You can connect with Dave on Facebook and learn more about his work and exhibitions.